Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tree Street Yard Sales

Now anyone that is even close to me totally knows where I live in TN lol

We got there at 6:30 today. Left at 11:00 and that is a new record! Basically its a ton of yardsales on 4 main streets and a bunch of little streets. This is my loot for this year:

Cool shell plaques from Kirklands that go with my other shell stuff (2 for $5). I eventually want my living room to be a beach theme, I am picking up pieces and parts when I catch them on sale. Also a cute little sing sign that can go anywhere (50 cents).

Hehe I've wanted one of these forever. It was still sealed when I got it ($3).

Osh KoshOveralls for the baby ($1) and a big shell for my flower bed (25 cents)

Retro tupperware ($1.50)

HA Do you see what I bought at a YARD SALE? Yup, a "I climbed the Great Wall of China" t-shirt in the sealed bag. I guess now I don't have to buy anything when I'm there (cool shirt! did you get it in China? Na, I got it at a yard sale).

Thank you cards and first birthday invites, just 25 cents each. This lady has tons of Hallmark stuff every year for 25 cents. I got one 20 pack of thank you cards baby themed, 3 packs of 10 thanks yous and 3 packs of 10 invites to baby's first birthday (I so hope I get to use those!).

2 purses - I don't normally buy purses at yard sales, I'd rather spend $100 on just one that I carry for a couple of years until its worn out. But I really liked these. The top one is my favorite, I don't know who made it. The black one is a Fossil, I thought I could take that to China. ($3 each)

After the yardsales Mom and I wandered around a bit and ended up at the farmers market. I thought these were pretty so I took a picture. I didn't think this was bad for $2.25, the little orange things are like bell peppers but sweeter. I am going to use the ripe tomatoes mom gave me (and a bright shiny green one), the red, green, yellow peppers, the jalapeno, onion and lime juice and make salsa and make some yummo tacos for tonight!

A purple bell pepper - didn't know they had those!

I'm pooped - I going to take a nap now - bye!

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Midwest Vegan said...

Nice finds, especially the mat/plaque - love it! My friends in Orlando just adopted a little girl from China. It was a long process but definitely worth it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the visit.