Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More pictures

The boards think that cruises to Costa Maya will be rerouted for 6-8 months to Belize or Rotan. I am guessing they can not tender with small boats because of the coral reef. I hope they figure out a way to bring the sand back, the shores look like all rock now.

More pictures. I am so glad I took 150 pictures that day, it might never been that way again.

This is the pier, May 2007. A cruise ship is about 1000 feet long if that gives you an idea to the sheer size of the Costa Maya pier. The Valor is on the left, the Legend on the right. If I had to guess I'd say the pier is 2000 feet long total.

Notice how long this pier is. Can you see the sections?

The pier leading into the touristy area.

What survived the storm.

6 sections. Out of how many? Just 6 made it.

To the right of the shopping area is a great resort called ChaChi.

This is ChaChi after Dean:

It's a true miracle that so many palms made it.

Remember this picture? It was one of my favorites. It is of the pool in the tourist shopping area right at the pier.

This is all that is left. The pool is on the bottom left corner of the picture, you can see it's outer curve. The square is where the pier met the shopping area.

And I know I've used this pic a lot but its one of the few with the lighthouse reference points, look all the way to the left.

Here is the lighthouse in May

Makes me so sad. These people had so little and they don't have the government assistance like we do. I wonder about the little Mayan women who sold me a woven belt for $5. They say that many tribes did not evacuate. Is she ok? I wonder about Barbara at the Cat's Meow. How is she? What about the guy from Nashville that sold those cool wrap shirts next to Barbara's place? What about the tile painter in the tourist shops? He created $5 works of art with just a 20 cent tile, a couple of bottles of paint and his fingernail.

So sad.

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The Piller's said...

Hey Kim! Wow! My husband and I were on a RC cruise 2 Octs ago and were rerouted to Costa Maya, since Cozumel was damaged due to hurricanes at the time. I've got some very similar photos as you of Costa May and what a travesty!! How sad for this area!
I LOVED the shopping there! My husband walked out on the pier with me, spent a few mins on the land, and then went back to the ship. He knew he didn't want to be lugged around as I shopped in every shop! :) I got some beautiful jewelry there and even a blue glass Greek 'all-seeing eye' from a rug vendor there. Such a shame that such a beautiful place can be destroyed so quickly!!!