Friday, August 24, 2007


I about didn't sell my stock today. I reduced it to $45.75 and bought a lot more shares to make up for the fact quite a few were making .29 a share. I could of gotten a smidge more, but I was stressing. I wanted to sell it in the high 45's and rebuy on Monday in the low $45s then sell in the mids lol

Total bought - 336 - total profit for the day was $131.04 yahoo!

Ok, so that starts me thinking... I did this entirely on my margin account. I guess since I am no longer new my margin resets like it is suppose to. I used Etrade's $ to buy around 11am then 4-5 hours later sold it all and paid back Etrade. But kept my $131.04.

With my cash and my margin, I can buy 500 shares one day. If those sell then my cash is locked for 3 business days but my margin resets itself 100%!

So now, let's pretend I'm able to flip the stock for 40 cents every day. I don't worry about the difference between the sell price on day one compared to the buy price on day 2. You only make money on stock when it's sold.

Day 1 - 500 shares - $200
Day 2 - 366 shares (remember cash is locked) - 146.40
Day 3 - 366 shares - 146.40
Day 4 - 366 shares - 146.40
Day 5 - cash is freed up! - 500 shares - $200

That is more than I make in a week at my real job. And I know I can't do this everyday but if I can do it just a couple of times a year....a girl can dream :)

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