Friday, August 17, 2007

The Stock Market - things I have learned

1) When setting up an online account with Etrade, it will take 3-5 business days for your first deposit to go through. Unless you can wire it, if so, do it in the morning or you won't have time to trade that day.

2) Set up your account with a margin first thing. It takes 3-5 days after you sell your stock to get the money back into your account to buy something new. The margin is like a line of credit that you can spend during this transaction time.

3) Just because your Carnival stock goes up $1 in an hour, do not sell your shares even though it's your during your free commission month and its all profit. You will spend the rest day going oooohhhh why did I settle for $100? I could of made $115!

4) Ask IT to block Yahoo-Finance from your work PC first thing. It will make you more productive.

5) You will not be able to do after market trades for 7 days after you set up your account. Carnival dropped again at the price I wanted but I couldn't get it because I was too new.

6) Don't use Etrade.

Ok, I think that is it. Learn from me little ones, invest your $ wisely and have fun like me. I am going to be flipping Carnival stock around quite a bit. Wish me luck!

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