Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekly Update

I've not logged into my blogger in forever and lookie, I've been tagged! I'll have to work on that a little later :)

I booked 7 of our 20 cabins for Jan and have a mix of new and old friends. It should be great, everyone is excited about the price and the destination. We will be roadtripping on Saturday then spending the night in in New Orleans for 2 nights. Monday we hop on the boat, Tuesday is our fun day at sea, Wednesday is Costa Maya, Thursday is Cozumel, Friday fun day at sea then back to shore on Saturday. We may spend Sat in New Orleans again, it just depends on what the group wants to do. I love the people are so excited, it really adds to the trip :)

We have 13 cabins left until the Friday after labor day if anyone wants to go :)

So after spending $500 on my and the baby's passage, I switched into frugal mode. I've been such a good child, taking my breakfast, lunch, snack and drinks to work in a little cooler. Many days I've not spent anything at work where my average is $10. I've not had an increase in my grocery bill either because I'm not wasting as much stuff. 90% home cooking is my goal!

The first big batch of stuff I made was a TON of spaghetti sauce. I used 2 pounds of zuchinni ($2), a bell peper the size of a softball (50 cents), a ton of dried mushrooms from the asian market ($1), a whole bag of celery ($1), 5 jars of Ragu ($1 a jar on sale, I thought that was good), a half jar of red bell peppers (from dollar tree, they are yummy- 50cents), 2 cloves of garlic (50 cents) and 3 pounds of reduced ground sirloin ($6). I also made a huge bag of rice noodles ($2) and 1.5 pounds of white rice (75 cents). Whew, $19.25 spent and a ton of sauce everywhere (because the rotten kitten likes tomatoes and she rolled around in the sink in the pot I made it in.). I got 12 quart size ziplocs and filled those up. They are very heavy on sauce which I like so it makes a big lunch or dinner for $1.60. Score!

Today I am heading to Blockbuster to cash in my last three online rentals for in store rentals, return a bag of stuff to TJ max from the nursery, return a bag of stuff to Ross from the nursery, run to the bank to deposit a rebate check (yay) and to do the $20 CVS deal. If you aren't a CVS follower, today is the last day you can get $20 of Kraft food and get a $20 ECB back. I have $9 in ECBS so I am investing another $11 that I'll keep rolling. You can also three free tubes of tooth paste this month :) I am trying not to buy anything but groceries this month and purge out stuff I don't need. Wish me luck!

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