Sunday, November 19, 2006

She shoots...she scores!

I'm just gloating for a second. I just bought 5 Christmas presents! I got queen size blankets, the kind that feel like stuffed animals. I bought myself one last Thursday and it doubled in fluffiness after I washed it. I've never bought a bedding item I liked more!

So I wiped them out, I wanted to get a certain color for everyone but had to mix it up a little because I wasn't the only one who though they were cool (half of them were gone). I am going to replace the boring bow with something fru fru-e-er and somehow secure a small yankee candle jar on it. Hopefully Dollar Tree will have those cloth fancy bags again, that would be something I could tie on.

This year is the year of practical gifts. I had $ goals for the holidays of $100 for primary (parents), $40 for secondary (blanket people!) and $15 for thirdendary (is that a word?) for step siblings. Then I'll make prezel rods covered with that white stuff for work people and I am done. Wooohoo I think I'll celebrate by making my first batch of holiday sausage balls :)

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