Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bored bored bored

I've not been blogging much because I'm bored and in a funk. My trips are over for the year (and if I am good, until China) and that is something that I really enjoy planning out and going on. I've been told by my Disney buds that I am suffering from withdrawls...hmm maybe they are right? :)

Another birthday has come and gone and still no baby. Blah!

Speaking of baby, she got two new toys. I really stopped buying for her because she already had a lot and I need to figure out toy storage before I got much more. Then I decided that was nuts, if I had to, I'd stick toys under my bed. Ya, that will work. Anyway, my mom bought her this train:

and tonight I bought the last piece to her farm toys:

Baby's Fisher Price Loot (ignore the lack of quarter round, I'm getting to it, I'm not THAT bored)

My mom has also hinted that she's getting the baby that bouncy zebra thing and the two little pieces that go on the back of the train. Those will be the absolute last toys for her...well for 2006 :)

More pictures of the kids.....

I love my pumpkin!

Hand over the tequila or the lime gets it!

Proof that a cat will sleep anywhere!

I wish I were an only child...

no kidding...

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