Sunday, November 19, 2006


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Don't you just love a baby's laugh? We waiting moms can't wait to hear our own babies laugh! I just read your entire blog for the first time and I am your long lost Canadian sister! Yes, I buy too much stuff and fill up my house then have to try to get rid of it. I bought an older house and with the help of my dad and a few professionals, remodeled it - including the kitchen - I left the cabinets to the pros, though. I also have done lots of baby clothes shopping. Value Village is my favorite store! - do you have that in TN? It's a large 2nd hand store - I have found lots of adorable outfits in new or nearly new condition for under $6.00! Like you say, children usually grow out of their clothes before they wear them out so why buy expensive clothes. I've also done some consignment stores and dept. store sales or just plain everday good deals. I bought a new carseat (quality, 3-in-1) but my stroller is from ebay - used but quality (Peg Perego) and even with shipping was only 1/2 what the seller paid!! I love a good deal! Feel free to check my blog at