Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh no!

I'm becoming one of them!

You know, those super organized people that you wish you were more like but also hate just a little?

I've been working on my stuff and how to organize it better so I can use everything at the right time. My biggest problem is buying things on clearance after a season and not being able to find them when I need them.

Tonight I bought my 33rd birthday party supplies at 75% off for just 25 cents a pack. If you are keeping count, that is the Oct 28, 2007 party that I'll have when the baby is home. I got purple plates (that can double for baby birthday or Easter), Halloween plates (umm, no doubles) and orange napkins (Boo! - Go VOLS!).

So where might you ask am I keeping my new goodies so I won't lose them for next year? Why in my fancy dandy hallway closet. It's going to be my new "stock em up" area. You see I also purchased heavy duty trick or treat bags tonight so I tucked my plates and napkins away in the bags and put them on the paper goods shelf. Yup, you read that right, I have a paper goods shelf and I'm pretty smug about it. I also have a colored lights shelf that is displaying Christmas lights AND eyeball lights. Yup yup it's all good!

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