Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Where is my TA?

Warning - I am simply logging in to post tonight so I can whine.

I want my TA!!!!!!

It's not fair!!!

Other people have their TAs!!!

I want to go now!!!

Ok - I feel better.

Not really, but I'll pretend.

I took 10 pounds out of my checked bag tonight and have it down to 43 pounds. But now I have a nice little pile of stuff, some of which needs to find a home in one of my 2 carry ons. For those of you still waiting, you get 44 pounds for your checked bag in China. In the US you get more but I can't remember that number. You also get to take a personal item (backpack, briefcase, purse) and a carry on bag. So I have my 43 pound checked bag and my 52 pound backpack (haha!). Seriously, I wouldn't be a big surprised if it was in the 20 pound range, I have most of my clothes and all my electronics in it.

Ok one more time and I am going to bed.

I want my TA!!!!!!

It's not fair!!!

Other people have their TAs!!!

I want to go now!!!

Night night!


Heather said...

Hi Kim...first, thanks for visiting my BLOG. That's quite a BEAUTY you've got there. She's stunning, and I just LOVE the hair. How'd you get a baby with so much hair?!?!? :)

Fingers crossed you get your TA soon. I know that feeling of anxiousness (is that a word?).



OziMum said...

hehehe! Ok, I'm not laughing coz you don't have your TA (that's no laughing matter!) just at your whining style - very entertaining!!!

Don't TAs come with the next batch of referrals? Yeah, I've been waiting for nearly 2 years - and I still don't know stuff... thats sad.

monicaijordi said...

Hello. We want to share with you our videos from the trip to China and those that we have done once in house. Thanks and congratulations !!!

Carol said...

You are not alone. And for some reason LOA's are not coming in!!!

Hugs to all of you!