Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More about Natalie :)

Scroll down for her other 2 referral pictures :)

Natalie was born Feb 1, 2007 and was left at the door Qian Shan Xian Welfare Institute on Feb 4, 2007. Her Chinese name is Ling, Qian Ge. She was left with formula, a bottle and a jacket (I so hope they give me that little jacket). She went straight to foster care. This is in her story "She was a lovely baby with a healthy skin color and a round shaped face". (I think she's rather lovely myself!)

Her progression over her first 5 months included verbalizing simple sounds, playing with toys and kicking off blankets :)

Her medical report is all clear :)

I keep her picture on me at all times, I can't seem to go 5 minutes without looking at her :)


Abby's Mom said...

Wow that is great that you have all of those details! What a cutie too, you are going to have fun with those bows! Abby is not in foster care her pictures were taken at the SWI. What made you think differently?

Special K said...

Congratulations on your referral. Your daughter is beautiful. That hair is so cute!

Shayla's Mom said...

Congratulations Kim! She is beautiful!

Lisa (Shayla's Mom) - Back from China 9/20/07

EllieNat said...

Found your link on RQ. Congratulations. Cute pictures. I have 2 darling daughters from China. They are the best. Wishing you and Natalie endless happiness together. (I too have a Natalie--great name!)

Elizabeth, David, & Katie said...

Congratulations. I just got my weekly email from my adoption agency. Your little baby is one of their referrals. We use Living Hope and we have a log in date Nov 2006. We have a very long wait ahead of us. If you have time email me. Thanks

Julie said...