Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am 75% packed

No really, I am. Stop laughing.

One big suitcase, one smaller roller bag. One backpack. One trip to the mall on Sat and it's done. I am going to zip it up (wrinkles sminkles) and not open it again until China.

I have a secret hope, that our TAs will roll in the Monday after Thanksgiving. And when they call for appointments, the consulate says, well we can squeeze you in right after Christmas. So I'll get to spend Christmas with the baby in China and leave for China like on Dec 10th.

Now how do I convince my agency to let me take the train from Beijing to Nanchang? It's a 7 hour trip that leaves at noon. Think of all the stuff I'd get to see!


Matt and Kathy said...

No laughing here. I'm so excited for you!

OziMum said...

Congrats! Packed and all!!!

We're planning a "holiday" to China in April, and I want to drag my kids and husband on a train from Beijing to Xian (8 hr night trip)... we'll see how that goes?!!
Hope you get to take the train!

Fingers crossed for your TA!

Caroline said...

It can happen! I got my referral on 11/6/06 and traveled to China on 12/7/06 and had my baby in my arms on 12/11. I was back home with her on 12/24 - just in time for Christmas! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

don't forget the toilet paper, and the toilet seat covers if you plan to use the western toilets! Walmart sells little tiny travel packets of the toilet seat covers and they saved my life in China!!

We did have squatties....

Amy said...

Trust me, you won't care about wrinkles. Congrats on getting more of your packing done!