Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ok, really it's more like cleaning, but we'll call it nesting instead :)

How much Tupperware do you own? You know the commercial that goes "Do your cabinets look like this?" and stuff is falling out? Ok, so that is my Tupperware (generic term for anything small and plastic like) cabinet. It's quite large, it is above the oven and is the size of an oven. So if I have pieces falling out of that cabinet I've got issues.

Nothing matches, I can't find lids. Classic Tupperware issue. So I decide enough is enough. I go to Wal-Mart and buy the 24 piece Rubbermaid (BTW, Rubbermaid is generic for a container larger than my foot) Take Away set with the lid holder for a whole $10. They are the perfect size for my lunches and if I melt them in the microwave it's ok, they are cheap. Score!

So I set out to rid myself of my mismatched Tupperware. Now, I can't throw it away because some of it is real cool retro yellow Tupperware so I put it in trash bags so I can spread it out at a later date, match everything up and yardsale what I don't need. So one trash bag comes out. Hmm, ok a second bag comes out. I have two FULL trashbags full of this stuff. I take it down to the basement and start to laugh at myself. On the workbench there are two more bags. I own 4 TRASH bags full of Tupperware pieces that are all mis matched. I am a doofus.

Next, I am moving to the cabinets under my stove top. It is 48" 24" of pure STUFF. Any I don't use any of it or I'd know what was in there. Wish me luck.


RoLo said...

Im a tupperware junkie as well but I did actually get rid of a whole lot of mis-matched stuff a little while back I just had too. It was hard because a lot of my tw comes from South Africa so I wouldnt be able to matched it up here ;(
Good luck with all your sorting.

OziMum said...

You know you can buy just the tupperware lid on its own!

I'd throw out Tupperware too... cept it so damn expensive - I'd feel too guilty!!!

Maggie said...

I cleaned out a closet this weekend, too. It was horrible. I'm actually a bit embarrassed at how much stuff I threw away.

Congratulations on your referral. She's beautiful!!!!

Michelle & John said...

We'll look forward to following you journey to China! She is just beautiful!!!