Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekly Update

My loooooong summary for the week...

I'm halfway to my cruise weight loss goal for April 29th. Hoooray! I couldn't figure out where I got that turtle ticker so I had to tweak it with paint and update it myself. Anyone recognize it?

Anyway, this week has been super busy. My work counterpart was out for surgery and will be all next week too. So work is crazy busy. I'm also on call every night and weekend until he's back. When he gets back I am going to take 2 days off so I can paint and get the house ready for another visit from my social worker to get a new 171H. If you remember she wanted my deck worked on because a wind storm had just torn the roof off and knocked down the walls. Well that was in the works anyway and now it's done and it looks really good. I can't wait to paint it, the floor is about 6 years old and in excellent condition that is what we didn't replace it. But it looks off next to the new rails so I am going to paint the floor a dark charcoal and the rails white. During yardsale season I'll be looking for some outdoor furniture. I'd like to have a sofa type lounger, a table and chair set and a nice big plant. I already have the grill so I hope to find the other pieces used. A wooden set would be cool because I could stain it.

My 14 year old cat is trying to die on me and I can't bring myself to take him to the vet to be put down. Everytime I have made up my mind he perks up just a little. This morning he was talking to me. When I came home tonight he had moved from his pillow to the sofa and was just hanging out. I don't know what to make of it. Part of me thinks I should just take him in but I don't think I can. My dad hinted that he would take him for me but I wouldn't want him to die without me there. Want to cry in the middle of Wal-mart? Buy the rubbermaid container you are going to bury your cat in :( Whew, onward, I can't think about that for too long.

On a happier note, I am allowing myself to buy a new TV and cabinet. My current "tv" is a gateway destination computer with a 31" monitor. Sounds high tech and spiffy and it really used to be. It cost a ton ($3600..what was I thinking???) but I bought it 11 years ago. I feel like it's served it's time as my main TV and needs to be demoted to a bedroom TV. I have a resolution line about halfway in the middle of the screen that I can really see on dark movies. As my main TV it drives me nuts. To watch Letterman and Scrubs in the bedroom it will be just fine. It's just a pain, to watch TV you have to boot it up. And the remote for it died a long time ago and you change channels with a mouse. My dad could never figure it out either, he just wants to sit down and turn it on with a remote. I don't blame him, I've wanted to do that for 6 years but couldn't justify the cost because of what I put into the gateway. Anyway, the TV cabinet is from wal-mart, it was just $199 and it looks better than the $500 units that were at my local furniture store. I am pretty sure only the doors are real wood but that is ok. As long as it holds up, I'll be happy. After running to 2 different stores they finally special ordered me one because the 3 in stock were no where to be found. I'll have it in 3 weeks. Until then, the kittens can enjoy sitting on the huge TV box in the living room.

I started working on my bathroom too. The walls are plastered and I did some more here and there to work out the parts I didn't like... it's a chunky pattern like stucco I guess without being pointy. I am also building a new door on my closet in there and all the trim needs to be painted again. I have a new mirror to hang and I am going to repaint the walls too. The top part of the walls and the ceilng were hot pink and it bled through my primer and wall paint. So I am doing it again, besides it doesn't hurt to redo your only bath every couple of years. I also have a new curtain rod with wooden ends that match the vanity. So in a few weeks I'll have a spiffy "new" bathroom.

I think that's it. I'm losing my tan and would like to go back to the beach. I think I should just request a temp transfer to JAX for 3 months. Daily beach therapy would be maaavelous!

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