Friday, March 23, 2007


Yesterday I heard a baby squirrel squeaking in my soffits. Not a new thing, every year a squirrel dislocates a section of it and decides to have her babies there. I found the poor little baby dead, halfway hanging out of the hole this morning :(

So tonight when I heard another little squeak I decided to take action. I found Squeaky-poo in the soffit. Poor little guy's skin was just hanging on him and he was covered over in fleas. I thought about it for awhile and decided the mom wasn't there anymore or she wouldn't of let the other die (I think it starved). Squeaky-poo has had two baby shampoo baths (which by the way, kill fleas) and has had half a nurser of sugar water. He really liked the warm water and he really likes being clean! He'd just streeeetch out when I wave the hair dryer over him.

He's curled up in a towel right now snoozing away. I think he likes being clean and warm :) I have a message in with a wildlife rehab center, if I can keep him going tonight hopefully I'll be able to run him out there tomorrow. He'll learn how to be a squirrel there...let's hope the others don't make fun of him for smelling so good :)

Oh and I learned something valuable today that I feel I need to share. When purchasing a sofa, do not buy an Ashley brand. They use a piece of pressed sawdust on the front bottom portion and attach the springs to it. Everyone else uses that board as a deco piece, it's part of the structure of an Ashley one. Ask me how I know? Mine broke last year and they put in metal plates and screwed it together. It broke on the other side and they wouldn't even repair it. So I got a $500 store credit and picked out a new one today. I can't remember who made it but it's a little darker and the fabric is thicker. I will post pictures when it comes :)


RoLo said...

So glad that you saved squeaky-poo, poor little guy. I hope you get him to his new home soon:)

Love the new look of the site:)

I agree 3 cheers for Angelina.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Good for you saving the baby! let us know what happens with him.

kris said...

That is adorable.. so glad you were able to save the little guy. I've never even seen a baby squirrel. Very cool.