Sunday, March 04, 2007

Does anyone want to cruise?

I have my Dec 2008 cruise booked already. Then it dawned on me that I could start a cruise group and get a discount for everyone. An inside cabin for this trip is $569. Usually groups get $100 off that in the form of onboard credits. Sometimes is $100 per person, sometimes per cabin, it depends on how many people sign up.

In order to join the cruise you need to become a free member of and go to the boards. My "are you interested link" is:

if you think you'd like to go, just post that you are interested. I have to have "X" amount of people together before I am able to get a quote on our discount.When you say you are interested it's not set in stone, it's a maybe, don't be afraid to post :)

Paying in advance for such a great trip is really the way to go. It's a measly $25 a paycheck for TWO people. $25? That's nothing!

This is the trip and it is on a brand new boat being released just this month!

1 Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL
4:00pm View Shore Excursions

3 San Juan, Puerto Rico 5:00pm 12:00am View Shore Excursions

4 St. Thomas, USVI 7:00am 6:00pm View Shore Excursions

5 Antigua 7:00am 6:00pm View Shore Excursions

6 Tortola, BVI 7:00am 3:30pm View Shore Excursions

8 Nassau, Bahamas 1:00pm 8:00pm View Shore Excursions

9 Ft Lauderdale (Pt Evrglds), FL 8:00am
View Shore Excursions

I love the idea of 5 different stops. I basically get on the boat just to go other places (although I have to say I enjoyed boat time this time).

Carnival Freedom, isn't she pretty?

And the weather...let's not forget about the weather!

Costa Maya, Mexico - 84
San Juan, Puerto Rico - 87
St. Thomas, USVI - 86
Antigua - 82
Tortola, BVI - 81
Nassau, Bahamas - 79

These are December temps. Crazy huh?

Ok I'm done tempting you. I'll put a link to this post on my regular page somewhere. I'd love to have a boat full of adoptive families with us :)


Matt and Kathy said...

I'd love to go on a cruise with you and a bunch of little girls running around. Some of my local friends are planning to do one once we are all home and settled in a bit. It should be lots of fun. It's a bit too early for us to be thinking of doing it now though. We'll have to see how things go with her first. If I have to miss this one, I'd love to be included in the next one. Or, perhaps you could join ours.

Norma said...

Sounds like fun! Hopefully I will be just back at work from my leave then and of course no time or money for such a nice holiday! :)