Wednesday, March 07, 2007


A super crappy day for one person can be a wonderful day for the next.

My cat died yesterday. My almost 14 yr old kitty that has been with me for a long long time. I am still looking around for him. But he's not here :(

But my friend Tammy got her referral! A beautiful little fat baby with lots of hair. She has been waiting for her daughter for a long long time, I'm very happy for her!

So I guess bad things happen so you can appreciate the good things? Who knows. I do know that I'm ready for my referral. The house is a wreak, my 171H is expiring but I'd like to know where she is and if she's ok.


Stephe said...

Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. It's so sad when we loose a pet. Heartbreaking really. My thoughts are with you! Sending big hugs! Stephe

Terri @ In His Hands said...

:( So sorry to hear about your cat. (((((hugs)))))

Matt and Kathy said...

I am soo sorry to hear of your kitty. I lost mine in December and I am still looking for him. Sometimes I see a movement and my instinct is that it's him but it's just the wind.

Congats to your friend!

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Sorry about yor kitty.

Cari said...

So sorry about your cat - I lost mine in November, after having her for 15 years. It's brutal.
Hoping you get a referral soon -- from one hopful single mom to another!