Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sorta... kinda... good enough?

I can't find anyone willing to shell out 2K for the massive long super cool Mediterranean cruise this Sept. So instead we are heading to the western Caribbean for 7 days!

I was able to upgrade our cabin from the very bottom to almost the top. Some say that is better, some say worse. I really don't think my "past cruiser discount" was that great. I was expecting the price to be discounted not for our room to be moved. Hopefully closer to the cruise they'll sell out of cheapo cabins and bump us to something nicer. Stranger things have happened :)

My boat:

My room:

This little cabin is much nicer than the first cabin I was in on the Inspiration. On the last trip we only showered and slept in the room so we didn't pay for a window on this trip. We are going to spend that money on shore instead snorkeling :)


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Terri said...

Wow---how fun! I've never been on a cruise but we talk about going all the time!