Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm so hungry! lol

The cruise is 89 days away and I am dieting so my summer clothes will look better. Then I decided I wanted all NEW summer clothes so I went out and bought several items in a smaller size (don't worry, I kept the receipts!).

My cruise goal is 46 pounds. That should get me out of this size, past the next one and into my new clothes comfortably. As of 7:30 tonight I was 17 pounds into my goal. I think I'm going to make a ticker!

I'd like to loose even more for China. I have a friend who lost close to 100 pounds on weight watchers! How crazy is that? She doesn't even look like the same person.

So anyway, the first thing people ask is how I lost so much weight so fast. I swear 10 pounds of that is water. I stopped eating salt (chips) and increased my water to 10-14 cups a day and it just fell off in less than a week. It was crazy fast.

The other 7 I have starved off. I'm just kidding. Really I'm only eating enough so I don't feel hungry. And hungry now means I feel my stomach growls before I eat. I pretty much eat whatever I want but I make sure to eat 1 bag of frozen stir fry veggies a day (that's a pound!). I try to eat it for dinner so it will last the whole night. Right now I am on a spicy kick, I cook 1 bag of veggies and 3 ounces of chicken breast in just a little bit of water (steam it really). Then I add tabasco, garlic and 5 chinese spice. Yum yum!

You know what is interesting? I feel a lot better when I eat when I want instead of with a group. I come to work later than everyone else. I'll eat breakfast at 9:30-ish then turn around to eat with a group of people at noon. I can't tell you how many times I've eaten lunch when I wasn't a bit hungry. Now I wait until I'm hungry, I eat my normal breakfast (and this is bad, its a biscuit and coffee, 550 calories, pure fat) and I eat a light lunch which is 1/3 of the size of my old lunch. But now instead of noon, I eat anywhere from 2-4. Then I'm ready for veggie dinner at around 7. Works beautifully!

I know lots of people read my blog (I have a magic page counter!) do any of you have good diet recipies? Is anyone else trying to diet for China? What plan are you on? Talk to me! :) - Kim


Matt and Kathy said...

Alright, I'll post. I've been on a diet for a month now but have only lost 8 pounds. No secret or plan, just stopped eating so much. I would love to lose 7 more in the next two weeks. We are going on a cruise too. Well, two really. One to the Bahamas in those two weeks and one to Hawaii in April. Hopefully by then, we'll be closer to our referral and I'll have lost a bit more. I did buy a dress to take and it does fit now but it is a bit tight. Hopefully by the time the cruise gets here, it will fit nicely or loose. Good luck on your weight lost and congrats on your success so far.

suenzig said...

congrats on your way to skinny!
good recipe for lemon chicken,, a little bit of virgin olive oil, a few garlic cloves,, sprinkle italian seasoning on thin chicken breast, little lemon juice and lemon zest.. grill it up and serve over lettuce.. yum.. i am also trying to get in shape for great wall walking, hopefully june-july..
good luck.. sue and ziggy

RoLo said...

Well done on setting this goal:)
I belong to Weight Watchers, their recipes are great and delicious. Another good book for recipes that I have found recently is called Eat Shrink and be Merry. It is a book written by 2 sisters. The recipes are fun, yummy and very low in calories.

Terri @ In His Hands said...

Way to go, Kim!

I've been doing a combo of things but using South Beach for the most part and they have great recipes.