Friday, January 26, 2007

1 down, 1 to go!

Half the fun of a cruise is shopping for fru fru clothes. I am not a fru fru kind of girl normally but on special occasions I can duke it out with the best of them.

My 7 day cruise has not one but TWO formal nights. I get to buy 2 fru fru dresses! Woohooo!

Here is the first one, purchased from ebay in navy in like 18 sizes bigger haha

It has a wrap with it that I'm going to attach somehow. Nothing is more irritating than your fru fru accessory slipping on you all night long. Maybe I can get a wrap from one of the stops that will go with it? That would be really cool :)

For my second outfit I plan to buy a fuzzy sweater, like angora in a light color like white, light blue or pink. Then I'll con my mother into making a black ball skirt (who knew those were so hard to find in a matte satin?). I have a silver one that is sort of shiney but it breaks all the big girl rules. Nothing shiney near your butt! That includes cheap velvet that turns shiney when you sit on it. Just say no to polyester velvet!

I've not updated in awhile so here I go:
-The deck has most of it's posts up. Tomorrow is suppose to be 56 and sunny so we are putting up the rail part. We are slow but steady, it will eventaully be done.

-Work is ok, raises and bonuses really sucked this year. Considering all the after hours I had to do it REALLY sucks. Like I might go get a part time job it sucked so bad. We'll see I guess.

-I've decided not to plan for any other kids until I have this one home. I had grand plans for El Salvador and Poland but adding more kids is expensive. So I decided I will wait until Natalie is 3-4 to see how we are doing before I start paperwork. Who knows, by then China could of opened up again for singles. Or I could be married and requalify (hehehe I barely got that typed out before I started to giggle..the earth is still warm, nothing has frozen over, kim will stay single).

-I have been a good girl and have really stuck to my budget. I won't hit my savings goal for March because of my bonus so I had to adjust all that (and I hate adjusting $ goals). But I'll be close and hopefull after I head to China I'll have the emergency fund I want all set up and I'll be a little less strict on me in 2008.

-And last but not least, no new news on the baby front. Some hope for May, some hope for June but I think it will be July. Either way, it will work out just fine :)

Have a good weekend!

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