Sunday, June 04, 2006

Left, Baby Gap polo with a kitty on it, right, Gymboree western looking shirt that is super cute. You can't see the pearl buttons in the pic :)

These are both BK Kids outfits, I got 7 of these in an Ebay auction for $3.50 each (kitty polo, two matching outfits below, sailor outfit and three outfits not pictured).

More BK Kids outfits, these are the softest cotton I've ever felt. They are like chambray that has already been washed and softened up. Love it!

Left, sweatheart dress, right, youngland! I really like youngland over Samara because the fabric and embroidery is a high quality. Plus when you wash them they don't roll up like some gingham.

Left, turtle bubble! I think this is just a target brand bubble I think its really cute (she's going to be mad at me hehe) and the cheap super cute sailor outfit by BK Kids.

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