Monday, June 19, 2006

Insomnia Strikes!

This evening's thought pattern...
If referrals speed up, she's been born!
Oh, she's been born and I've not decided on a name!
Wait, yes I have, or have I? I did hold off on monogramming her blankie.
Blankie.....hhmmm...I wonder if I won those curtains to her new bedding set?
Bedding..bedding..crud, I forgot to get paint mixed at THD today that matches her bedding....
Wait, can't paint until the floor is done, I should put another layer of clear coat on it..
I wonder if I have another brush since the other one turned into a brick...
brick...I should buy more stepping stones for the yard before they stop selling them..
yard...i should take a picture of my flowers while they are so pretty
wait I did that yesterday, its still in the camera
remember that commercial with the kid stuck off the diving board
I want to go back to the ocean
ocean..seashells....seashells around my flowers
hey here is a picture of my flowers! and my tomatoes! Good night!

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