Tuesday, April 25, 2006

On your mark...get set...go!

Its yard sale time in TN! I think I've mentioned before but I love to buy other people's junk and not pay full price for things. Especially baby things, they play with stuff and wear stuff for such short periods of time, I feel like its wasteful to buy everything new.

Saturday was a great yard sale day. I've wanted an interactive table for Charlotte for awhile now but didn't want to pay $40 for it. I got one in 98% new condition for $5 :) It says all kinds of stuff and sneezes when you spin the salt and pepper. I think every baby needs something like that!

I also got the peek a blocks elephant that I wanted and the Noah's Ark that I didn't want but bought anyway (I'm thinking this will go back in my yardsale on Sat!). I also got her some little rubber duckies and the Sonya Lee McDonalds fisher price figure that I've wanted for a long time (does that mean I don't have to eat Happy Meals anymore? YAY!).

At another sale I got the best electronic toy on the planet. It is a Baby Einstein toy that plays 8 songs that aren't high pitched and annoying like a lot of little baby toys. It has four notes on top that the baby can pound on while the music is playing and you can choose from piano, violin and a flute. Its rare that I see a baby toy that I would of paid full price for, but this would of been it. I've been searching for a new one for a backup but no luck, it must of been discontinued.
I also got a pair of like new Baby Gap jeans with butterflies on them for $2 and a Little Me outfit with tags for $3.

Good day!

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