Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ha ha ha

How funny, I just reread all my old posts. One says that I am mad I'll be in China in July when its really hot.

The reason that is so funny is that referrals have slowed down BIG time. My anticipated July trip will be stretched out to spring of 2007, if not early summer. In the past, CCAA had been matching 30 days of dossiers every 30 days. Now they are doing 3-7 days of dossiers every 30 days.

I don't think it will stretch out to 2 years for a referral but I do now think it will be 12-14 months. My new guess for a referral is Feb 2007 with travel in April. We'll see how close I am.

So how do I plan now for DD#2? I'd like to have 2.5-3 years between the girls. It seems like if I return from China April 2007 that I would have be put right back on the waiting list to start paperwork the following spring and to be DTC Dec 2008 with a referral in 2009/2010. It just seems rushed on my end, but really most of the time I'll just be waiting.

There is also the threat of not getting to complete a second adoption because of rules changing with CCAA. So what is a girl to do? Start paperwork to be DTC one year after the first adoption with just 2 years inbetween them so I know I'll have a second daughter? That puts my 5 year $ plan out of whack since it will reduce my time to save for the new house I'll need by the time Charlotte is in kindergarten.

I guess I'll just hang tight and keep saving up $. Good news, with my June 15th paycheck, I will have saved enough for the first adoption :) I'll then start on Julia's adoption (for those of you who know me, DD#1 will be Charlotte, it hit me last night that THIS WAS THE NAME but I am still hanging on to Julia because I just like it).

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