Sunday, November 07, 2010


I don't know why I do it, but I like to wander around on Amazon looking at all the Doug and Melissa toys. These are all on sale. I got the cheap safari puzzle and I'm trying really hard not to order that awesome pink dollhouse.

This is $100 here and never on sale. They can't keep it in stock, I wonder why people don't save almost $50 with tax and get it online??

I will prob break down and get these before Christmas. Its a smidge over $1 a horse and they are lot better than anything you'd get a dollar tree.

Cheap alert! This is under $6 with shipping. Some states you might have to pay sales tax. I got this :)

I thought this one was pretty. I want to start a hard puzzle with Natalie and keep it on cardboard, maybe under the sofa.

I'm on a medieval sort of kick.

I want this bad. So bad it hurts. I'm just saying.

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