Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hi, remember me?

So if you look at my blog you'll think the only thing I do any more is shop. That's about right. I've spent a ton this Christmas and don't feel a bit bad about it. I...drumroll please... bought myself a wii. Not for Natalie, not for Stephen but for me me me. And it's red! And I bought Epic Mickey! Yippppeee! lol Anyway, stay tuned to view the carnage on Christmas morning!

We went on a cruise, it was a lot of fun. It made the cold weather when we came back unbearable though. Yuck! Send me to FL please!

Cozumel - Mr Sanchos

Isle Roatan - Mayan Princess

Stinker on the atrium staircase.

The Mayan temple we climbed in Belize. See the people way below it? I climbed almost to the top before vertigo got me.

This is the side of it almost at the top. I climbed the other side up to the cool carvings.

(why oh why does it take so long to upload pictures to blogger? it's painfully slow! I have tons of other pictures but can't stand the wait)

It took 3 hours to clean and purge the playroom tonight. I wanted to take a picture for proof that at some point in her childhood it was clean(ish). I took out 6 bags of toys to sell in the spring. Actually, I am thinking about selling all the little kid stuff. Cheap Kim wants to hang on to it so I don't have to rebuy it. Shopping Kim wants to sell it all and rebuy limited matching items when the time (if it ever) comes. Decisions decisions! Did you all keep all your baby loot?

So this shot doesn't look too bad. But...

This wall really needs help. I had a bunch of stuff hanging on there before the dresses so the mails aren't where I want them to be. I want to hang the expensive gowns up high until she's old enough to not mess them up. The everyday play clothes, I want those lower to the ground so she can get them herself. I'm also not a fan of the apple crate bookcase thing I have going on. All the assesories are in the pink bucket, that doesn't work well either. I plan to buy a hanging hook for her bike. Any suggestions?
And there is now a music corner. I'd like any ideas on how to make it cute!

Also, that pile of red plastic is about 10 fisher price little people farm sets from her 1st birthday. Any ideas on making that pile look better?

I won't even show the other wall. It has a stainless shelving unit with boxes everywhere. It's not pretty lol

That's all for now, its super late, bye!


Carl said...

Music corner needs some musical instruments ... djembe (hand drum), guitar, bells, tamborine, recorder, penny whistles, boom box, etc.

B.A. said...

I kept everything from #1, thinking "this will be so cute on #2." When #2 came along I was sad, thinking "#1 used to be so little, she was so adorable wearing this". So I vote start over new with #2!