Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Meal Plan November 2010 Updated 11-4

Does anyone want to join me in meal planning for a month? I am trying to clear out the freezer and pantry. This is my plan for the month:

1- L-PBJ, D-ham & carrots
2 - L -Chicken and dumplings w/peas and carrots D- Baja chicken pasta
3 -
L- Baja chicken pasta leftovers D- bbq chicken sandwiches w/pickles & oranges
4 - L - School & Work D -breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs, baked apples & french toast) Nevermind, we out with the boy! Froze the chicken and stock yesterday too.
5 - cod & frozen veggies
D -breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs, baked apples & french toast)
6 - dumplings & egg drop soup
7 - chicken stir fry
8 - hamburger pasta
9 - stir fry (I might try to make something from my thai cookbook)
10 - ham fried rice
11 - breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs, baked apples & french toast)
12-20 vacation
21 - meatloaf hamburgers w peas/carrots
22 - spaghetti
23 - fried chicken legs & whatever veggie
24 - breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs, baked apples & french toast)
25 - thanksgiving (I am going to make muddy buddies and chex mix for snacking- I already have the chex and cheerios)
26 - Mexican rice
27 - hot dogs, chili, mac & cheese
28 - Japanese chicken, carrots & rice
29 - tuna pasta salad
30 - breakfast (turkey sausage, eggs, baked apples & french toast)
31 - chili baked potatoes

We are eating a lot of breakfast because we like it and it is sooo easy on me!

Shopping list for breakfast

Shopping list for lunch
clove of garlic
can of black olives

Shopping list for dinners:
wonton wrappers (unless I can learn to make them, I have a cookbook for them)
2 pds ground beef
1 pd rice
hot dogs
block cheese
sour cream
2 large potatoes or a sack depending on the price
a few bags of frozen veggies as we need them
powdered sugar
seasoned salt
garlic powder
onion powder

The rest I have in the freezer or pantry. For all my chicken dishes, I have two large whole chickens that I'll dice up and make stock. I think I'm out of boneless chicken (but who knows what I'll find when everything is out of there lol)

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Stephe said...

OMG, a MONTH! I'm lucky to plan ahead (for dinner, that is) more than a day in advance. I'll go home and see if I can muster up 31 days! Hmmmm...