Thursday, October 07, 2010

DC, School, Ballet & More...

We went to DC with the boy. We saw the Air and Space & Natural History Museums. We went to the Washington Monument. We ate at three Irish Pubs. We went to the zoo. I'm sure we did more but I'm drawing a blank right now. We stayed at the Kimpton in Arlington - it rocked! We rode Amtrak for the first time, that was cool.

Natalie started preschool for the third year. The school system so far hasn't been super helpful in helping me get her enrolled for Kindergarten next year but I'm still trying. She went on her first field trip yesterday with her BFFs Tia & Meisha. Tia was in our travel group, Meisha is my BF's first cousin's little girl from Hubei.

Picture day at school.

Natalie is still loving gymnastics. I hope to be buying a bar and balance beam in the near future to practice on at home.

Natalie started ballet. The green leotard was her first day. I told her if she tried really hard and paid attention then she could go every week and wear a pink leotard like the other girls. She loved it.

(I can't get good pictures at ballet, I am taking pics through a window way far away!) Look at my skinny minny. She is a whole 30 pounds now. Anyway, I am hoping to take her to see the nutcracker and to go to a special tea before a performance this dec. It's a little kid thing.

My kitchen is still moving along. I have a plumber coming next week to do my sink (which I screwed up and don't want to talk about haha) and install the new dishwasher. We installed the over the range microwave last Sunday, that wasn't too hard once we figured out how to do it. I had a wicked urge several times to resell my white appliances and go with stainless but talked myself out of it. You just don't put stainless in a house in my price range. I am going slower than slow with this remodel. I wish I had just hired someone to do it all and quickly. But I'm just too cheap.

I am putting on a new roof this month or next. I think I'm going country, since I live..umm in the country (well city - but the country side of it sort of). The house is all white siding, white window trim etc so I think I'm doing green. It will match the grass and be lovely :)

I am making hairbows to sell. I am perfecting my technique now with a simple triple loop bow in solid colors. I am going to group then in large packs and sell them on the blog and on etsy. And, if I get faster at it, I can open a little booth at the farmers market next summer. I'm trying to make a little extra money next year. I've got several trips planned (cruise, NYC, Disney, MB) and I want to max out my 401K. I'm about 4K short of doing that if I stay perfectly on budget....which I'm not very good at. Anyway, let's say 5k then lol. I don't think I can sell 2500 bows next year, but this will help I think. I'd really like to get several of my crafty friends together and share a booth. We'll see how that works out.

Bye for now! - Kim

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