Monday, August 16, 2010


I am going to make a late year resolution to post more on my blog. I have all kinds of updates on facebook and such, but this is supposed to be my journal so I can print it out for Natalie and show her I really WAS a fun mommy to have. I need to back date a bunch of posts!

So what's new with me? I guess the biggest thing is I work from home 3 days a week. I also moved Natalie to a different school. Now she can do gymnastics twice a week and my Mom gets to spend more time with her during the week. When you added up the cheaper school and gas savings it came out to $3338. Ya, that is three THOUSAND bucks. It is a delicate balance between work and childcare but it has been going well. I really like how quiet it is in my house and if I ran the numbers, I bet my productivity is up too!

I had tonsillitis for the first time in my life last week. Talk about pain, I couldn't breathe. They put me on antibiotics and steroids. The steroids are messing with my weight and my sleep. So yes, I am fatter and crankier - leave me alone!

The boy and I almost bought a house last week. It was a 1970's brick rancher on 6.5 acres of land. The house was a gut job down to studs (had a great layout and outside shape tho) and the land was overgrown. Really overgrown and that wigged me out. Plus being in TN, it was a sloping lot and I seriously didn't want to raise the goats needed to keep the land cleared (there is a barn). After walking around on it for 2 hours I realized I couldn't put in a pool. Call me petty, but I want a stinkin pool. Especially with 6.5 acres of land. And then who would take care of the goats while I cruised? See how me me me I've become in my old age?

Natalie is great, I mean seriously what a good little kid she is. She sings and dances everywhere. She is very articulate and can tell me these wild and crazy stories and actually put together a plot, it cracks me up. She never stands still, always twirling or flipping off of me. She loves gymnastics and I think she'll be excellent at it. I'm amazed at her little leg muscles and how high she can jump.

She is wild about the boy too. We've taken several short trips this summer with her, but our long weekend trip to DC in a couple of weeks will be our first out of state adventure. We are picking up Amtrak in VA and going to union station. I got a great room in Arlington right down the street from the metro. I am excited, it will be fun!

I guess that is it for now. I am going to synch up facebook and blogger now :)


Carl said...

the BOY??!!?? THE BOY??!!

What did I miss?

K said...

I did catch the new BFF post a few ago, but can we have more details?

The dipes I knocked-off were B_u_m Gen_ius. The Kawaiis are knock-off of BG, too.

Kim said...

K, he is the first cousin of someone in my adoption group. I went out with him a few times pre-Natalie but he was too slow and mellow for me. 3 years later, now that I'm mellow too, we match better lol

Kim said...

Carl! You so don't read my facebook. I've mentioned him a WHOLE TWO TIMES there lol