Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where's my tree??

Who would thought I'd be so excited to buy worms? lol

All those banana peels will be toast with these little suckers.

Now assuming I don't kill all of them (that would totally suck, they aren't cheap) I'll buy them a condo in 6 months:

But for now, I am going to use the rubbermaid method:

Now I just have to figure out the yard, over the next couple of years, I am going to zero scape it and add fruit trees. Wheeeeeeeee

Kim (<--- tree hugging wanna be)


K said...

My neighbor has a worm farm, and it's very gross, but in a cool way. My entire yard is a worm farm, naturally. I love it.

Note about the fruit trees: They do add shade, so if you want a lush lawn that doesn't turn into a mud puddle in winter, plan well. Also, not all fruit trees produce good-tasting fruit so do a lot of research.

My apple tree, fortunately, produces great apples, but my neighbor's tree doesn't. Neither of us knows what kind of apple trees we have, but they are definitely different.

girlville said...

okay, i want you to keep us updated on the worm farm...we saw this in action (tubs like you have) when we went on the local downtown chicken tour (chickens are big in our downtown...urban chicken farming)...i want to try it but don't know if i have the proper place to put it. i did some research but then dropped it like a lead ball (what i tend to do with everything, lol). if nothing else, i'll live vicariously thru you!