Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hi Bernadine :)

I saw your comments on the clothes post. I am adopting again this year, domestic bi-racial or AA girl. there are several agencies in the US that specialize in it, I have two in Utah I like and one in GA. The wait time is very short! I am hoping for an Oct birth, I'll be turning in my paperwork in March/April (I am selling a house and a condo, I want one of those sold before I send in papers). I've been told not to turn it in too soon because I'll start hearing about situations and I'll want them all :)

The cool thing about domestic, you can sign up with an agency and not pay anything until you are matched. So I'll probably get into the system of all three agencies and see what happens :)

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Bernadine said...

Fantastic ... I look forward to the day I read about Natalie becoming a big sister. I looked into domestic adoption before I adopted Katie (9/5/06), but because I was over 40 most agencies didn't want to work with me. Natalie looks cute in her matching purple socks.