Tuesday, January 26, 2010

poooor thing - what ever will she wear?

I organized clothes. The baby stuff isn't as bad as I thought, I had a single layer of clothes over a bunch of Natalie's stuff in a tote. When I sorted it by size, I have about 6 days of clothes in each size for DD2. That isn't too bad!

This is Natalie's pile for summer. This is the Old Navy summer, where I got all those pieces for practically nothing. Add in some serious yard sales, a few hand me downs and consignment and tada! A pile of clothes! All in all, like 25-30 outfits or two loads of laundry. Miss skinny butt still fits into a lot of clothes from last year because she lost the diaper. Get this, a lot of her shorts? Size 18 months. I'm glad I tried everything on her, normally I wouldn't of even tried that size.

Even the bathing suit I bought in advance fits! So for this summer all she needs is one extra bathing suit and a pair of pink crocs. Woot!

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