Sunday, January 24, 2010

Birthday Plans

We are going to the mouse - not the one I love, but the one I tolerate - Chuck!

I've invited 12 little girls under the age of 4. The plan is to fill them full of soda, pizza and cake. Then arm them with tutus and tokens. Fun!

My work in progress. I have three made and need more ribbon before I make them all.

I can't wait to see action shots!

We are not going to do the party through CEC but at CEC. I'm going early to snag a big table. I have princess hats, plates, tablecloths, napkins & goody bags ready to go. Oh ya, and pink balloons. In true Kim fashion, I have coupons for all the food and tokens. It is going to be a fru fru as you can get at a mini arcade!

On her birthday I am sending Mickey Mouse cookies to school! I have a Mickey cutter, I am going to do multicolored sugar cookies. Fun huh?

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