Monday, October 08, 2007

Seeing double...

Awww look it's baby Jack Jack...I'd recognize that hiss anywhere!

Wait..check that timestamp.... isn't THIS baby Jack Jack and Monkey?

Aww look, it's Elvis, Lulu, Laney and Fifi

umm hang on - how can that be Elvis, Lulu, Laney and Fifi when this is Elvis and Lulu?

Anyone catching on to what I'm doing here? Ho-stray cat dumped more kittens on my front porch. I'd like to introduce:

My new baby Marie!

My new baby Thor!

And last but not least, baby poophead and stinky!

Now stinky and poophead have an excellent chance of being renamed, those are my standard "this kitten is meaner than snot" names. I don't know why but all my solid black kittens have been mean when they were little and the sweetest things when all grown up.

Take Jack Jack for example, remember how much he hated me? I'm now his favorite human on the planet. I feed him, I pet him, I don't throw him outside even when he knocks over a 75% full can of primer on my hardwood and when I cleaned it up it took off the finish off the hardwood and I still have pawprints all over the house. Noooo because he's a sweetie...what can you do?

Would anyone like a kitten?

Jack and Thor

How Monkey got her name:

Someone pleeeeeeeese help me!


RoLo said...

They are so precious, I hope you can find nice loving homes for them.

Abby's Mom said...

You are a good person Kim :)

Delaine said...

Too funny!!!! You are a good person. I know you will find good homes for them. Or you can just keep them all!!!!