Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, so should I stay up and watch my profile change from 32 to 33? lol

My friends took me out on Friday, my Mom today. My Dad is tomorrow and work is Tuesday. I am pretty good about stretching this thing out!

The best thing about today is the nursery curtains were done. I wanted white billowy curtains to contrast against the red walls and decided to use sheets to get a solid piece of wide fabric. Target had 250 threadcount queen flat sheets for $5 as part of their grand opening sale. $10 total for 2 windows, you can't beat that. I'll post pictures after I get the rods up on Tuesday.

I can't decide if its too early to install my carseat or not. I have great seat cover that fits over the backseat headrests then tucks around the bottom with elastic bands. It is fuzzy on top but waterproof, the ultimate back seat protector ($10, Ross, score!). It is similar to this one:

Did you know it's Monday in China? Here storky storky!!!!!!


Abby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday! Hopefully your best birthday present ever is on its way :)

Kim said...

Happy B-day!! What a b-day present you are getting this year!! A little late but well worth the wait!!!
Holding my breath for you and hoping to see your sweet babes face soon!!

(the other one on the other side of TN)
LID 3/29/07 for MEgan Jean

tammy51262 said...

Happy B-day Kim....Cant wait to see Natalie

Tammy and Meisha