Friday, August 04, 2006

Ramblings for the day - Friday

I have to say that I love my new Citi Rewards card. I've never had a points card where I got way more points than I expected. Like today, new points were dumped into my account because my card cycled. On $750-ish worth of charges (did you know if you sneeze near a specialist they charge you a co-pay?), I got over 2,000 points! For those doing the math, I made $20 for putting things on a card that I pay off every month. For those of you really doing the math, I have a very good chance of getting the 60,000 points I need to fly to China for free! It really makes up for my eye costs!

And if you feel like helping me out (and get points too, love the points) if you apply and get a card through my link, I get a referral point bonus! My dad did it today so I expect to be very close to 40K in points this time next month! YAY!

An update on my eye. I can't see out of it, its gotten worse and I'll be at Vanderbilt next Tuesday to go to a new high tech doc. It doesn't hurt that his office is attached to a super good hospital either in case I've got the plague. I had my reg doc run a blood test today (Dr. Brandon in KPT is a very nice doc if someone needs a doc) to see if I have an autoimmune issue. Regardless I feel like this is all fixable via pills, its just the matter of figuring out what it is and getting the right cocktail. I also had to do something I wasn't thrilled about, I signed up for short term disability. Since I am limited on my PC use (I know, I am posting now, but its a quick post, I type fast), limited my TV use and I can't drive, I really can't work 8 hours a day on a PC and drive 20 minutes each way to get there. So its messed up and I feel a little weird about it. But its there for a reason and I can get it for 13 weeks in case they have to really mess with my head to fix me.

So my totally shallow thought for the day is, will I get to go to Disney in Sept? I really hope so, I am looking forward to it so much. I know the free dining promo is over for new people but I can push the trip back until almost the end of Oct and still get it free if they can't straighten out my head in a month. And I can push it back to any date without the free dining, but that is what makes it even more fun. I love all inclusive things, and the dining plan includes tips and tax (and did I mention its free? its normally $420 for 6 days!) You show up and eat whatever you want, I like that!

Here is a new kitten update, he is still just baby boy, I've not named him yet. He has tripled in weight easy and has grown 2-3 inches in length in one week. I hate to think about it but he would of been dead if I hadn't found him. He loves me a lot! :)

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