Sunday, August 06, 2006

Like Bob says....

please have your pet spayed or neutered. I am pretty sure cats are being dumped at my house. I don't mind a bit to feed them as long as they don't fight with the cats I claim. My main problem is cats having kittens in my yard!

I kept the 4 from last year and I am really glad I did. They are outdoors, friendly and loving kitties. They love each other too, I couldn't bear to spilt them up.

1.5 weeks ago, I found the baby (still no name see pics below). He's mine, I love him and he'll be an indoor kitty.

Today I found his brothers and sisters. They were in the same condition that baby was 1.5 weeks ago. These kittens are teeny tiny, filthy, all skin and bones and covered in fleas. I found 4 but was only able to catch 3 (I will catch #4 tomorrow!!). I have two long haired black females and another black and white who looks remarkably like Toby.

So here I am, if you count the mom and the fourth baby, I'm up to 13 cats. I claim 8 of those and the other 5 are going to a rescue group. I have to triple their weight by bottle feeding them so they can have shots then they go into a no-kill program where they are fixed and adopted out at petsmart. I really hope I can catch the mom cat too, she seems nice, just skittish.

So to summarize my post...if you get a kitten and its not fixed, then fix it. Before you take on the responsibility of a pet, make sure you really want them. A 100% tame cat will reverse to ferral in less than a year when dumped. If you can't take care of a pet, don't leave it behind. Call the pound and ask for the no-kill group in your area. DO NOT take your animals to the pound. When you take your pet to the no-kill group, give them money to help the organization. Be responsible - make the world better.

Now for pictures:

3 Babies in their temp home

Toby would like to note for the record that he is fixed, that little spotted one is not his!

This is the healthiest of the group, she has the cutest face but kept turning her head. Note the size difference between her and baby, not huge but noticeable.

This is the kitten I'm worried about. She gets a bottle every hour, she is so small. She also had the largest amount of fleas on her, I am sure that is why.

And this is Toby jr, he is cute, he needs another bath I couldn't get all the dirt off him. Look how much bigger his brother is.

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Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Wow you reall have your hands full now! At least it will keep you busy through the wait.