Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The healthcare system in this country is shot all to hell.

Mind you I say system. The definition of a system is: A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.

Are there good doctors, nurses and office staff? Absolutely. Are they working together as a system in TN? Heck no.

I have a bad eye. They think it is an allergic reaction to the Hep vaccines that I got for my trip to China. Ok...so why didn't it affect both eyes? But that's a totally different post and I'm not mad enough to post it here (ok maybe I am. Maybe they would be able to see damage behind my left eye if the office clerk at specialist 1 had filled out the MRI sheet correctly the first time or if the radiologist had done the second scans correctly. BOTH sets were worthless and several hundred $'s to my health insurance company. Idiots).

My theory is I rubbed something in my right eye (probably pesticides from vegetables I got from the grocery store) that caused the damage.

Who the heck knows? At this point it really doesn't matter. I am just a smidgen from being legally blind in one eye.

So back to my rant, what has happened to customer service? I am 31 and the intelligence level of people my age is dropping quickly. Try talking to someone in their mid 20's, its like another freaking language. Maybe I ask too much of people, maybe loyalty and good service comes with a certain dollar amount paid. Call me crazy though, when I was 17 working fast food, I did a damn good job because I have a work ethic, I have ownership in the jobs I take on. When you decide to take on a job, you do that job and you do it right. I keep running into people who have that tone to their voice "I'm don't care, they aren't paying me enough to care". I wonder for that type of person, would they do a better job if you gave them more money. I'd bet a paycheck (which is pretty good sized one because I AM a good employee) that it wouldn't change anything.

The lower level people that I have encountered during this medical issue have been intolerable. Not calling people back, not looking things up in the computer, writing down phone numbers wrong. They have added a week to my blindness.

Specialist 1 has added 2 weeks to my blindness. From last Friday to this morning, three doctors were arguing over who was responsible for prescribing my meds. The doctor that I thought shouldn't have to do it at all, did in fact fill out the paperwork (thanks Dr Brandon, I do appreciate it). The two specialists had ideas but wouldn't actually go through with them, what good is that? Those two are playing the blame game. I should of started treatments last Friday. Now if I am lucky they will start tomorrow and will last for 2 weeks.

For those keeping track, I left work early on Friday July 21 and have just been back for a couple of short days. All my work is being piled on to my co-workers which isn't fair to them. All because one specialist was afraid to give me pills and said my eye would work itself out. I could started those pills on Tuesday July 25th and been back to work LAST TUESDAY.

Keep in mind, this rant has nothing to do with money. I have comp time and short term disability insurance that have kept my paycheck going. Its the headaches, eyeaches and the feeling that I am going to puke that is driving me nuts. I am stressing my dad out and that greatly affects his health. That is what makes me the most angry. I'm strong, I can live half blind, if you don't remember I am adopting a baby from China, I can do anything.


Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

I hope you can get something done about your eye soon, I hope it gets better.
Some people do not understand what good customer service is.

Wicked Witch said...

I am sorry you are having trouble. I suggest watching the new Michael Moore movie coming out. I dont know if it is your thing, but it is going to be about the health care system.