Monday, April 23, 2007

Single Digit Dance!

I LEAVE ON SUNDAY! Well really this Saturday really early so we can drive to Tampa. 6 days from now I'll be leaving the late night show and going up to the Lido deck to see the moon's reflection on black water. I will then wig out for just a second because there will be zero land around me. Then I'll get another drink and life will be good again!

I am also excited that I won't have to cook or clean up after myself for a week! I am ready for my lobster, snapper, shrimp, lamb and duck. I am ready to scarf down some yum sushi and eat red bell peppers till I pop (they are on the salad bar, I love them). I am ready for someone else to make my bed and vacuum. And I'm ready to be in a non-firing, non-reorging, non-adoption, non-kitty environment for a week. YAY

And I bought new clothes! And I get to pet sting rays and strap a miners helmet on my head and float through caves. That's a high quality vacation right there! Not to mention, I just found out the Legend has a beer and bathrobes party late night. How funny is that? I don't drink beer on the ships because it's so expensive (I just can't bring myself to buy a $4 bottle of Bud) so for me it will be a foo foo and bathrobe party. I'm going to take what I call my red "Obi-Wan" robe, it has a hood. These are not the droids you are seeking.

AND the new 2008 off season codes come out on Friday. I have a good chance of getting a discount on the Sept cruise. Plus I want to take the kiddo on a shorter cruise to make sure she's ok with a boat before we head out on our 14 day adventure at the end of 2008. I am thinking Feb 2008 should have some good inexpensive rates. Boy would it suck to get her out on open water and have her just freak out. I think a practice run would be marvelous!

Do you know what else? Where are my Carnival commercials? I had to go out to this really annoying website and get what I call "The Carnival Song" to add to my blog to get my fix. Nothing hypes me up like hearing that song playing on my TV!

Look at some of the pictures I found online - click to see larger version :)

It's midnight-thirty and I am going to try to sleep now. Too excited!


Matt and Kathy said...

I hope you have a wonderful time, Kim. Take tons of pictures!

Stacy said...

No one could ever guess that you are excited! :)

The cruise sounds like a lot of fun. (I would have to skip the caves though. Not my cup of tea.) The ship is just beautiful! I can't wait to see lots of pictures!

kris said...

have a FANTASTIC time!!

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Yeah exciting, have a fantastic time...try to get some sleep before you go though!