Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is it time to leave yet?

I am so ready to leave the state. TN is all fine and dandy but it's where work is and it's where my baby-less nursery is. I need a break!

I leave a week from today at the crack of dawn to head to Tampa to hop on a boat. I've had this trip planned forever, it's going to be me and Michelle, I've been trying to get her to go on a chick trip for years. I think I've spent as much preparing for the trip as the cost of the fare. I don't think I bought any work summer clothes last year (was in super frugal baby saving mode) so I ended up buying 5 new capris type things that I can wear to work too. I also got new a new pair of birks on ebay for just $27 shipped. They are cool, they are brown leather strappy ones that are "bedazzled" with amber beads and silver studs. I am trying to "win" another pair in black, people please stop outbidding me! :)

I have reworked my group cruise. I was going through Carnival and just for the 12-6-08 cruise they wanted $300 per person deposit. I redid it through a travel agent and now it's just $25 pre deposit with $300 due in JULY 2008! The balance isn't even due until Sept 2008. How cool is that? I don't think I'll have enough people to do the 11-30-08 6 day as a group so I am going to book a cabin for me and the kiddo next week with another group I know of online. That will give us the back to back cruises that I want and I can just meet up with everyone on the second leg :)

If you want to go, you are welcome to join the group. With tax & everything it's $650 a person. You get $100 per cabin credit as a group benefit (so really, $600 pp). You'll also get a goodie delivered at sailing (like champagne). I am putting a hold on 24 cabins (16 inside, 8 outside) and if all those are filled we'll get a lot more loot. Instead of putting out all the trip info here, this is the Carnival link. We have until May 25th for the $25 deposit then it goes up to $300! Depending on the number that get booked (I have several people at work who want to go) I will probably book extra cabins in my name to hold them then do a name switcharoo when needed. Since you can cancel up until Sept 2008, I think holding the cabins for others who maybe didn't know about the trip is a good idea. I'd love to get all 24 full, we'd get the $100 OBC, free cocktail parties, fun stuff like robes & totebags and a lot more. Email me if you want to go, little kiddos are welcome, I'm bringing Natalie with me :)

For those who have never been on a cruise but want to go, I have some information on cruising in general if you want me to email it to you!

I have cruise fever, 7 days to go!!!

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