Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bow Making Mama

(close up, hot pink)
(seafoam, light aqua, light blue, gray, peach, orange, beet, golden yellow, dull yellow, yellow)
(baby pink, pink, hot pink, french pink, red, raspberry, deep purple, medium purple, bright lighter purple, wisteria, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, turquoise-green, dark aqua, emerald green, spring green, yellow green, neon green, sage)

I know, I've not posted in forever and now I'm doing an ad for my bows. I'm a bad bad blogger.

I have stuff up on Etsy but thought I'd throw this out there for any bloggie ladies who like ribbon as much as I do (it's a wicked addiction).

I have a 4 inch triple loop bow that is my favorite. I have it in 34 colors. Right now I have a package going on, $98.50 including shipping if you buy it on Etsy, $95 if you buy it off my blog instead (darn those Etsy fees!).

I know that is quite a bit purchase bow wise, but think how fun it would be to have one that went with everything. This is the lot you'd get. Not pictured, ivory, black, dark brown and white.

This is the size of it on Natalie's noggin.

Email me if you are interested and please tell any bow addicts that you know about my deal lol

Thanks! - Kim

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