Monday, May 31, 2010

Meal Plan Monday Week of 5/31/10

I've been slacking lately. My kitchen isn't done. My house is a wreak. I've not been planning out anything at all. Heck I barely managed to make it to vacation-land (and notice I've not even uploaded pictures from that yet? slacker!)

So in an attempt to get back on track, I am doing Meal Plan Monday again. Ohhh ahhhhh

Now keep in mind, I can't boil or bake in my kitchen for another month easy (don't you love home improvement projects that take like 4 months?).

B - Eggs & Sausage
L - Home made Pizza and corn @ Nana's house
D - Spicy rice (They marked down all the precooked shrimp yesterday to 2.99 a pound. So I am going to throw some of those in with some sausage, chicken breast, zucchini, onions and carrots. I'll prob use some Tabasco in it too.)

I have three pieces of white fish to do something with. More than likely I'll just steam it a little in the electric skillet. We'll have a salad and cantaloupe too. I'll also make cucumber/onion slaw for the week.

D - Marinated grilled chicken and corn on the cob (using Ken's low fat Ceasar on the chicken, it is good!). I'll also save a zucchini to grill. Oh and cantaloupe, we have two of these to eat up this week.

I'll take one of the Wednesday chicken breasts and make chicken salad out of it. We have fancy rolls to put it on. We'll do the salad and cantaloupe thing again.

I'll grill ham slices and make mini sandwiches out of them. I'll also make broc salad.

Chicken Casserole (chicken breast, carrots, gravy, broc & stove top top all mixed up together. Sounds gross but it is tasty). This might turn into leftover day if i have lots of leftover.

I am going to do a pot of navy beans with sausage bits in it.

Whew I think that is it. And that should use up all my fresh stuff.

What are you cooking?

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