Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Flippin Excited!

Ok, they didn't take my second offer but the other realtor told me it was really close to their very lowest offer. So I asked my realtor if I needed to go to 74K and she said no, 72K should do it.

Holy crapola I might have a house! And I know I said 70K was my highest but really, who cares about 2K. I'll make it up another way :)

We stopped by on the way home and it is exactly how it was a couple of weeks ago.

I am going to paint first! I can't wait!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Dining Promotion for Disney is HERE!

Free Dining for Disney Visa is out! Dates are August 15-Oct 3rd. If you don't have a visa then you have to wait until Monday. We are going for 14 glorious days! We'll have 10 park days and 4 water park days.

We are eating at Chef Mickey, Park Faire, O'hana, Kona, Grand Floridian, Shutters, Coral Reef, Chef de France (sp), Hoop De Doo Review, Yak and Yeti, Yatch Club, Captain Jacks and Olivias :)

Trip Planning Links:

Baby Loot!

$27.50 and great therapy! AND all my big ticket items sold at the consignment sale :) I pick up the rejects on Monday and all my money!

Picture Catch Up

I know I am way behind. I just don't have time to post any more. So I have a little free time because the baby is with Nana.

The Leprechauns make me do it....

Squishy fat baby face sleeping.

Going to school...

Loves the elevator. (I push it! I push the nubber one mama!)

Stopping to pose.


How big is your kid?

Mine is the size of 104 diapers :)

Eating popcicles - ignore the mess!

scribbles or art? Does anyone else see a flower? That is what I asked her to draw me and showed her some examples and this is what I got! I took a quick picture, she saw I was happy with it then erased it - mama I do nuther for you! DOH!

The colors I hope to do in the kitchen for the foreclosure. I can't afford these cabinets or counters but I am optimistic I can put something together that has this feel without the cost (need the house first tho!).

Fried egg, bacon and broccoli on arugula - what you get to eat for breakfast when your baby is at Nana's.

Ok, so this catches me up. I am going to start carrying my purse camera again and just hope it doesn't do a memory dump again. I guess possibly having pictures is better than not having any at all. Bye for now!

The House

They came back with a ridiculous counter so I did my max with a note to let them know it was my max and the reason behind it. I also recommended they visit the property. I should know something Monday/Tuesday :) And if they don't take my offer, then in 2 months, I'll tour the place again to make sure it is ok and I'll put in my original offer again. I can play games too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kid's Consignment Sale

I've tagged close to 200 items and at 2:28 AM, I am done for the night. I am selling all my baby loot except for my evenflo bottles, the octo-pus, 5 rattley jingly things Natalie wasn't interested in, a stuffed horse thingy to make a blanket out of, a wooden rattle toy and the Whoozit bumper book. I also kept a few clothing items as momentos but not to use with another kiddo. Clothing is plentiful and cheap, I'll find new pieces when it is time. But anyway, I shopped like I was getting paid while waiting for Natalie. I had enough loot for 5 kids.

Tomorrow is the deadline on my contract, I should know something then. Hopefully they won't need more time. I need to buy the house, fix it up, move and get settled. Then ideally, I'd get a good chunk of it paid off so I can adjust the loan to a smaller payment (will be doing some creative financing to get into the house without paying loan fees). Then I'll HAVE to have a car. It is going on 10 years old. I don't want to drive a 15 yr old car you know?

Then with the new mortgage and the new car loan, if I even have enough left over for daycare, it is time for kiddo #2! I find myself reading a lot of baby blogs lately, I have the fever. Yikes.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bid In!

It is low, hopefully not insultingly low. Has some nice surprises yesterday with a more thorough inspection. The three toilets are brand new. The sink in the half bath is brand new (might be moved to the hall bath if I start to run low on cash). The weird heating a cooling isn't a big deal. In TN we have heat pumps that heat and cool. For some reason they have one that only cools. But all of the duct work is there and the electrical is there so all I need is a new compressor outside. And of course with it being a small town, Dad knows someone that can get it all set up for half of what I had budgeted.

I did discover the living room window is rotten and has leaked on the hardwood. It didn't discolor the wood but it has swelled. My brother believes with a new window asap and a dehumidifier in the living room and in the crawl space might fix that.

I am trying to keep the remodeling to 25K so I'll have a little leftover for overages. With the extra money from above I am getting NICE cabinets for the kitchen, I am very excited! (we wandered around home depot yesterday) On the bottom I need 12 feet. On the top I need about 6 feet because there is a window. I also need two long skinny cabinets for above the fridge and stove. On the opposite side I can put in a 6 foot strip of uppers and lowers. I found a simple range and dishwasher too. We'll use the condo fridge, I don't like it but a cheap fridge is $600. So I'll suck it up. We can't leave it behind because it doesn't match the condo stuff. Not sure why he bought an expensive dented non matching fridge but he did. He doesn't get to pick out any of the new remodeling stuff lol

And of course, I have it in my head that it is mine. And it isn't yet. I should know something on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Since it is a foreclosure and not a short sale the closing will be standard, about 30 days. And I am expecting a counter. Hopefully it will be a number that I can bounce back to them and not just a couple thousand short of the asking price.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The offers start tomorrow

Remember how I said I was waiting a year for a house unless I found a foreclosure?

Well I found one!

It is in between work and where the condo is (the condo location is the desired location). But it has the best elementary school, one level living, multiple baths (1 full, two halfs, one of which can be converted to a full) and hardwood!

1800 SF with another 800 in the basement that can be finished. It needs work to bring it up to date, low estimate is 23,000, high is 30,000. Part of that is changing it to suit a real person (to remove the "what where they thinkings") and part is repair. The house is clean, but needs windows and needs a rood. But after that money I'd have something I'm pretty happy with.

The hardwood does not need refinishing which is a big deal. And it is old wood, what I wanted. Those floors look better than my little houses' floors to tell you the truth. The walls and ceilings in the living room, dining room and kitchen are the knotty pine again so I'll have to paint (will buy a sprayer). The kitchen is there but not suitable so I'll be buying cabinets, counters and a new floor. The half bath to full bath renovation will make use of a dead space and I'll be creating a "spa" shower for Dad in there since it is next to his bedroom. The full bath is dreadful, like take a sledge hammer to it dreadful. About the only thing that will be kept is the tub, it looked fine.

The only thing I don't like is the lack of closet space again. But part of me thinks we still have way too much stuff, maybe small closets aren't the issue? :)

Oh and there is a separate family room. So the baby will have her own playroom to hang out in. That makes me super happy :)

So I am talking like it is mine, but its not. The bidding will start tomorrow. They have it priced at the price it should be with the renovations in it. They might be insulted with my starting price (60K, list at 107K) but the mortgage company is local and hopefully someone has been to the house and seen how it is (and I don't want you to think we are going into something scary, this place is in better condition than the last house I bought). They should know all the baths and kitchen haven't ever been updated (house built in 1955) and I am the ONLY person that has looked at it or made an inquiry. Folks, it is UGLY but I can fix it! :) So we'll see if they counter or just ignore me :)

Wish me luck!
(the dark part is red brick, there is siding around the other three walls)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shopping Deals

Discount Code:MC25OFF for 25% off
$14.25 each with free shipping (join the VIP club) and the coupon.

I've been trying to be good and not buya lot of stuff for me. But at some point you have to buy new shoes. I like canvas slip ons so I grabbed these. They scream hippie chick, I like em!

Did I stop with shoes? NOPE!

9G containers of Bare Escentuals are on Ebay for $20 shipped. For a comparison, when I had the monthly delivery (before I came to my senses) you got 4 Gs of foundation and 2Gs of mineral viel for $50! YIKES!


I also replaced my favorite sweaters :) I paid more for them on Ebay than I did originally but I miss them. They were involved in a laundry incident like the first week we lived in the condo. It involved bleach and the dryer and I didn't do it. N'uff said!

I offered $13.99, in turquoise and red. They had more if you like babydoll tops.

I am practially giddy waiting for my fun stuff to arrive. I am trying really hard not to buy anything for myself to get the house fund built up. Pre-baby I went shopping all the time, it is a hard habit to break! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Girls Night Out

Well, actually more like girl night in.

That's right! I'm here by myself!

ALLL ALONE - woohhooo!

Natalie is at Nana's.

Dad is out with my step siblings!

So what did I do on my wild and crazy night in?

Well first I reserved a movie at Redbox. It was horrible, didn't watch the whole thing (Step Brothers - shame on you Will!).

I ate dinner - an assortment of hot fries and popcorn. To drink? Juice boxes. She won't let me drink any in front of her and dang-it I like juice too!

I am thinking about going to bed now. Yup, that is my crazy night out in. Good night!

p.s. look at the cute bandanas I got at Walgreens for 25 cents each. I got four of them, enough to make two little dresses.

It is brighter and cuter than the picture :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Some people sit on the sofa, she sorta sits IN the sofa :)

Spring sprung! But just for a couple of days...

Playing in all the junk. It's everywhere! Heeelp me!

Self portrait, she loves messing with my camera :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Over It

It really only took a week. Anyone else over FaceBook?

No joke, I have over 200 requests on my profile, things like fish and flowers. For that first week I was all over it. What fun! Then I realized I was loosing like an hour every night clicking on stuff. Shoot, if I am going to click on something, it will be blogger so I can catch up. So if I know you in the real world and I don't reply to applications, then sorry! I do log in for friend requests so if you know me, add me!

OH and if you don't have the "Follow" widget on your blog can you add it? If you are reading my blog then I'm reading yours too. A few people (cough cough : Angie) don't have it and it makes staying current with my blogs soooo easy.

let's see...what else? OH I got my coupon for the free bottle of Sauve. I'm not a big fan of them but it is free and what do I love? Yup freebies. And I got a coupon for $25 at Walgreens and CVS for transferred scripts. That is always fun, I am going to start swapping around some of Dad's stuff. It costs him the same so why not?

Today is day three of being homeless lol My renter moved in on Sunday. It is weird. But it was nice to not have to make a special trip to the other side of town to feed my cats. I am in the process of trying to make the condo liveable now. We have stuff everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! It is awful. But I think with some creative storage it will be fine. Plus it shows me I still need to purge. (the house I like so much is still for sale. I've saved 7K so far but I really need 30K for the pmi to go away..I track spending and such in other blog)

This is an interesting read. She is spending $1 a day on food. Now would I have chosen the same things? Ya, some of the things are what we eat. But she is showing it can be done if you make the effort to cook and do a little planning. Plus I bet she doesn't have a bowl of rotten fruit on the counter because someone in this condo (not me!) is a compulsive grocery shopper!


I am so stinkin excited about Disney!

Ok that is enough! - bye!

OOH Look!

I was going to hang out for a bit and get that 40,000 number but heck I'm tired!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009


We went to a farm today to see baby lambs. Most has been born that week, some were born this morning.

Like the bags? POOP everywhere! lol

She just wouldn't pose for me, this is the best I did.

Two sets of triplets.
My FAVORITE one! It was so cute! It was partially bottle fed because its mom couldn't take care of it 100%

Dancing in the barn :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

heee heeee heeee


14 Days!

Movies Resort!


August 30th!


Disney on Ice

(original title: $8 popcorn + pneumonia = vomit)

Okie so I had the tickets to go last Thursday. After being so pitiful on Wednesday she was positively PERKY on Thursday. I knew it was 1-2 hour type thing so we went. Shoot, she felt so good she let me do beauty pageant hair!

So we went. And she was too little for the show. She should of been 4-6ish to get it more. I liked it and thought it was neat. I took 200 pictures in the first hour. I think that is a personal record! (but if you have the opportunity for Elmo anything, 2 is great for that!)


Mommy's good little patient:

Pageant hair

Waiting in line:
(pageant hair slowly falling)

Posing with the souvies

On with the show! (in no particular order)

intermission - that's when the incident happened. How can someone that only weighs 25 pounds produce so much stuff?

I was so inspired I hung my redneck art. Clear tape is as fancy as I'm going in the condo. Do you like my $1 placemats from dollar general? The original idea was to put them in frames but the size frames I needed were a LOT. So tape it is! (its her wall of friends, she is too cute)